The Bucks County Long Term Care Consortium is a non-profit organization founded in 1997. Its mission is to promote the betterment of the health and welfare of the residents who are served in the growing health care continuum in Bucks County. Membership includes, but is not limited to, nursing homes, assisted living homes, retirement communities, ambulance and transportation providers, home health agencies, adult day care organizations, and physicians.

The Consortium has general quarterly meetings and has several active committees that meet periodically. These committees include communication and education, assisted living, nursing home, home and community services, work force and a central and an Upper Bucks subcommittee.

The group has grown to approximately 100 members over the last 14 years. We are proud of our many accomplishments and continue to strive to make a positive difference in our community. We have achieved a great deal by simply fulfilling our mission to share information and resources.

The many successes of our organization include the establishment of a Central and Upper Bucks committee which widens our scope of membership to the entire Bucks County continuum. In addition, our assisted living committee has been a consistent and solid group particularly in light of recent regulatory changes. Our communication and education committee has been responsible for our website development, educational events regarding many topics including ethics, best practice sharing sessions, free CEU’s after the general meetings and more. We have a separate home and community services committee to unite the many providers of senior services to the community at large in Bucks County, including those in their private homes. In 2007 the Consortium collaborated with the Pennsylvania’s Workforce Investment Board to secure grant monies for staff training. These monies are currently being distributed to individual members for their personal training needs.

The consortium offers many benefits to help companies and individuals grow, share ideas, train and be trained, hire qualified personnel by placing job openings at no cost to members on our web site, receive recognition for accomplishments and get up to date information on ever changing policies and government regulations.

We are an elite group of professionals, leaders in our industry, striving every day to make Long Term Care in Bucks County the best care anywhere.

I invite you to join me as we move forward raising the bar for Long Term Care in Bucks County. Thank you to the many dedicated members that make this organization the success it is.  Please review our website and feel free to contact the board members for questions about our group.


Rose Rorvik
Bucks County Long Term Care Consortium




Ongoing Consortium Projects, Events & Accomplishments:

  • C.A.R.I.E. (The Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly) educational session on Competence with CompassionTM, Creating an Ethical Culture for Long Term Care
  • Department of Public Welfare regulation training
  • Several “Best Practice Sharing Sessions” including topics such as: discharge planning, tube feeding, living will and power of attorney, HIPPA, and employee recruitment and retention
  • Town Hall Meeting with area seniors and long term care providers
  • Managed care open forum with representatives from Aetna and Keystone
  • Review and recommendations of hospital transfer sheets
  • On-going assessment of transportation options for seniors
  • Available training material provided by The Institute of Aging and others
  • A growing collaborative relationship between various service providers to Bucks County seniors including but not limited to: hospitals, skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, assisted living and independent communities, home health agencies, ambulance companies, adult day care organizations, medical equipment providers, pharmacies and others.